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Why Biryanak?

Because high standard quality is our main focus in all stages of processing and delivering your meals.

We would like to offer this unique taste to you that distinguishes us from the rest. It was this traditional environment that inspired us to provide these modern meals while preserving their original fantastic taste!

How are we different?

  • The size is different
  • Our cooking methods are different
  • Our spices are different
  • Our quality is different


""Biryanak," a chosen name based on its colorful mixtures of spices and its Middle Eastern twist in taste! It is under the directorship of Babili Management Company established in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Babili family contains a vibrant ancestry that stretches back to the last century; through the entrance of Bab-Barid Al-Damashki market, they were known to serve a variety of diverse dishes considered as an exquisite delicacy.

Biryanak Branch
Biryanak Chicken platter

Secret Recipe

"Wondering through crowded markets and traditional stores of spices and ingredients, we found ourselves voyaging in a land genuinely filled with the richest of flavors. Every spice we examined carried its own essence and aroma, as if each had a tale to share! After experiencing their spices first hand, we found ourselves back in our kitchen with a higher purpose at hand; to share with you this incredible experience and depth of flavors and bring you the authentic taste of Biryanak.


The Authentic
Taste Experience

"Biryanak is an experience that will launch you to the land of color and a thousand flavors, India. Where the origins of the distinctive renowned dish, biryani, was first introduced to the world!


For Creativity

"In the Biryanak Kitchen, We have a team of chefs who are passionate about creating innovative recipes and blending various ingredients, all to create surreal experiences! Our team proficiently strives to offer the best food we can - globally - through different branches, to bring biryani closer to biryani lovers all across the world!



"We composed the Biryanak Menu based on your preference. Always endeavoring to be unique; our great taste, personalized cuisine, and great practical food packaging will surely give us the competitive edge you will remember!

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Biryanak Menu Brochure
Biryanak Interior Design


"Attributable to our advanced food technology, we can adopt a more efficient and reliable way of cooking. This technology guarantees ease in preparation, reduced workforce, and faster training time to reduce your overall costs and time. It is this technology that will allow us to be a fast-food restaurant enterprise on a global scale.